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firefly Nerve Stimulation Recovery Device (25 Pairs)

by firefly
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Style: with Knee Straps (2 pack)


  • Blood and nutrients delivered straight to lower legs
  • Easily applied and fitted into gym bag
  • Easy and portable recovery solution
  • Used by 1000's of Athletes worldwide


  • Increased blood flow and microcirculation
  • Decreased muscle soreness
  • Enhanced recovery
  • Improved muscle performance


    How firefly works?

    When positioned correctly, firefly effectively delivers a small and painless electrical stimulus to the common peroneal nerve which triggers the calf muscles in your leg to contract and pump blood throughout your lower extremities.

    1. FireFly Stimulates the Nerve

    Firefly works with the body's own recovery systems to effectively deliver blood and nutrients to the muscles of the lower legs.

    2. The Leg Muscles Contract

    The muscle contractions causes an increase in blood flow similar to walking (up to 60%).

    3. Blood Flow Increases

    The calf muscles controlled by the peroneal nerve begin to contract and pump.

    4. Workout Recovery Results 

    Up to a 400% increase in microcirculatory blood flow. Promotes systemic blood flow throughout the rest of the body. Allows for a faster and more efficient recovery after exercise.


    How long should i wear firefly devices?

    Suggested wear time is 2 to 4 hours per session, with 4 hours to maximize recovery. Recommended usage will optimize recovery and get you ready faster for your next training session, game, or race.

    When should I wear the firefly devices?

    Post-workout. You can use them on the coach or during flights. They are ideal for when you are sitting for long periods of time.

    Can I use them during training or workout?

    No, this is a post-workout recovery product. However, as firefly is a portable device, it can be used when walking, stretching or on-the-go.

    Why is the knee strap important?

    Knee Straps keep FireFly devices comfortably and securely in place whether you are resting or in motion. Additionally, as the gel-based backing on FireFly devices may become less adhesive after multiple uses, the knee strap will help to ensure proper stimulation from the device.

    How long will the firefly device last?

    When used as recommended, the device has an estimated battery life of 30 hours. Each firefly device provides 6-12 recovery sessions, depending on the length of each recovery session (suggested 2-4 hours).

    Is the firefly device painful to use?

    Using the FireFly device should not be painful when used at the correct level. However, you will feel muscles in the lower leg contract every second, which causes your foot to twitch (FireFly flutter). It may take a few moments to adjust to this sensation, but this movement is critical to increasing blood flow and recovery. If the sensation is too strong, you can decrease the level.


    Individuals with pacemakers and recently diagnosed DVT should not use firefly.


    You can request to return your item within fourteen days of delivery and return it within sixteen days after your request. The customer is responsible for the item's return shipping cost. Items must be in new, sellable condition and with all the original packaging. 

    To initiate a return, please email We will provide you with an address to send your return to. The customer must notify bodybud of any damage within the first two days of delivery. If you find any damaged goods within this period, please inform us. We recommend using a trackable shipping service to ensure the safe return of your item.


    firefly offer a 2 year warranty on this product. This warranty is void if the device has been subjected to alteration, misuse, abuse, accident, natural disaster or non-factory authorised modification or repair. This warranty is also void if the product has been operated or maintained in deviation to the published instructions.The warranty extends only to the manufacturing defects and does not cover any damages resulting from mishandling of the product by the owner. This warranty does not cover any normal wear and tear due to usage.  

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